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We Work Tirelessly To Always Bring You The Best Health Tools Available With Only One Goal in Mind…

A Line Has Been
Drawn In The Sand

Synergy Science, Inc. We are a lifestyle company dedicated to educating and empowering you so that you can be better equipped with the tools and information to make better decisions and have better health. All of our customers take their health seriously and in return we take their health seriously. We have done the research and developed the best technology to be able to help you in your health journey.

Our Story

Based on this core belief of educating and empowering you, the company set out to tackle the water world by first educating doctors and customers and then creating the world’s first Hydrogen Water Machine, through strategic patents. These machines are actually designed to create hydrogen water in every glass, Echo® H2 Water. 

We are wholly focused on evidence-based products and science that helps to optimize your human potential and health. 

Synergy Science® is proud to be the worldwide leader in Hydrogen Health technology as we pioneer and revolutionize this new marketplace. With truth as our focus and the power of community, our core philosophy remains simple:
Make. People. Healthy.

The H2 Revolution

e have single handedly started a movement that has awaken the consumer to ask questions and take responsibility for their own health. We are continuosly at the edge of new breakthrough health protocols, research, and science. We have dedicated ourselves to this mission so that we can always educate you on these advanced practices. We strongly believe in truth and the core belief that you are ready to take charge of your health.

However, to do this effectively requires knowledge, technology, self experimentation and most importantly, the willingness to question everything you’ve ever believed to be true about nutrition.

LET’S RESTATE THAT AGAIN: you will need to question ALMOST EVERYTHING when it comes down to YOUR HEALTH.

We do not want to simply sell products...

We want to inspire you to participate in this healthy community. Join our movement, better your health, and inspire others to do the same.

Join the Wellness Warrior Movement

We believe the human body is divinely designed to be self-healing. Every man, woman, and child should have access to solutions that help realize optimal health and improve quality of life. Synergy Science provides education and industry-leading solutions to support a network of professionals that assist individuals in restoring optimal health and wellbeing using innovative products that improve hydration, enable detoxification, gut recovery and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Our vision is to impact the wellbeing of 1 Million people by 2025.

Echo H2a brushed metal echo 9 ultra box with a dial and illuminated symbols and a spout hanging off the right side.

Healthier Living With Hydrogen In Every Glass...

We are not just a product line. We are not just some program. We are more than just a company! 

We are a movement that is redefining human performance, health and moving past the standard that most have accepted for being healthy. We are showing you that it is okay to take charge of your health and break free of the limiting beliefs that surround our health world

Certifications and Test Reports

  • Factory Medical Approval Cert. No. 610
  • USA FDA Registration. No. 3005053780
  • Korea FDA Cert. No. 13930
  • Japanese Safety Cert. (JIS) No. 3-2972
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Cert. No. 2004-248-00
  • CE Electrical Cert. No. N8 03 11 45030 002
  • UL and CSA Safety Cert. No. 9130 1,2 and 3 S
  • NSF / ANSI Standard 61
  • Certified Quality Assurance – ISO 14001 Cert. No. K/E00892
  • Quality Assurance – ISO 9001 Cert. No. K/Q01066
  • Singapore General Hospital Bacterial Test Report (W6302)
  • Singapore General Hospital Chlorine Test Report (W6301)
  • Awards

    • Industrial Medal of Merit (Japanese Emperor)
    • Secretary of Health Award
    • Korean President Commendation
    • Chosen by Hankook Ilbo (Korean Newspaper) best product award
    • Chosen by Sports Seoul as best product award
    • Chosen by GOOD DAY Best Product Award
    • Chosen by Hankook Ilbo (Korean Newspaper) Customer Satisfaction and Top Quality Award
    • Most Promising Medium Sized Business Award (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
    • Kyunggi Medium Sized Business Award (Kyunggi Area Medium Sized Business Corporation)
    • Most Promising Medium Sized Export Business Award (Corporation for the Promotion of Medium Sized Business)
    • New Specialized Technology Venture Business Award (Kyunggi Area Medium Sized Business Corporation)
    • First Industry Water Ionizer Manufacturing 1 Million Dollar Export Tower Award
    • Best Health Device Good Manufacturing Practice (KGMP) Certificate
    • Venture Business Award (New Technology Business)
    • Chosen by a Fortune 500 Company, Tennant Company to work on their “ec-H2O Project”

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